Juliana Trail, Planica Valley Trail, Triglav Bistrica Trail, Tromeja Tourist Route, 10 Cottages Fairytale Trail, Alpe Adria Trail

One-line Trail 1994, 150 km of cycle paths!

A social golf course among stunning mountains!

Have you ever experienced a game of tennis with such a magnificent view of the Julian Alps?

Have you met the Furious Pehta?

The world's most spectacular Zipline!

Descending the zipline down the ski jumping hill in Planica.

Sport climbers can test their skills in four equipped natural climbing areas. You can also do ice climbing, which is a winter activity that gets the blood and adrenalin pumping in your body.

By buying a fishing license, you will not only get a fly-fishing license, but also a scenic view of the Julian Alps and the Vršič Pass.

If you are a fan of winter sports and activities, you can choose from 18 ski slopes of varying technical difficulty!

Experience the snowfields of the Upper Sava Valley, with magnificent views and beautiful nature!

Snow path, lead me into an adventure! You can map out your cross route and provide yourself with great experience.

Fun down the slope, that will bring you back memories from the childhood!

Just put on or borrow skates and skate on the artificial skating rink "Borovška Šajba". You will have once in a lifetime experience.